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Irene Carter: Send Email

January 2021, Greetings, My name is Irene Carter, Coordinator of the Onion Lake Gift of Language Cree Curriculum and Resource Development. I began with the group from 2004-2010, left to pursue other learning, return as Treaty Language Catalyst in 2017 and back with the GOL in 2019. I am involved with learning Social Issues affecting our Nations and learning how to be of support in the relationship of survival.

Raymond Macdonald: Send Email

Brian Macdonald - Nimihitow Pihesow (dancing thunderbird) : Send Email

Entered university of Saskatchewan 1973 as a mature adult in taking summer courses for 14 years. While I was hired to teach the Cree language at Onion Lake R.C. day school and Onion Lake ACC day school. Until I finally decided to go full time in 1985/86. Finished ITEP in 1989, been employed with Onion Lake since 1972. My responsibilities under the Gift of Language are numerous; - Developing resources for Gift of Language department. - Translating and editing resources for classroom use by teachers. - Editing translating resources material such as; stories, songs and other teacher resources. - Catalyst in Treaty, Cree language and Traditional values with the focus on first nation. - Overall development and enhancement of Cree language within Onion Lake Education Cree Nation schools. - Responsible for Cree instructional curriculum for First nations’ educational system. - Work and support Cree language teachers; by enhancing their knowledge in the Nations interpretation of Treaty, Cree language and traditional values. - To work and support existing Cree Language teachers by; enhancing their knowledge on different ways of instructional processes. - Arrange PD; making connections for additional knowledge and sharing. - Most of being a team player for GOL Onion Lake Cree Nation.

Shirley Waskewitch: Send Email

Land based curriculum developer- K-12 reviewing and revising

Sara Faithful: Send Email

Tanisi (hello), my name is Sara Faithful and I am from Wihcekaskosiwi-sakahikanihk (Onion Lake). I am the fifth oldest of eleven children. Born and raised by my parents Simon and Yvonne Belly. Growing up in the reservation wasn’t easy living, we helped with chores such as house cleaning, feeding animals, hauling wood and water, etc. My mother told me, when I was born I wasn’t the healthiest baby at birth, and spent most of my infant life in the hospital. Unable to come home to my family because of my unhealthy condition. So, this doctor from Lloydminster named Dr. Elmer Smith and his wife Verna Smith took me into their home until, I was well enough to recovery…which I loved them dearly. Through my childhood years, I would go back and forth staying from the Smith’s to my biological parents. Now, both set of my parents have got to the spirit world. I am married to Delbert Faithful of 24 years, and we have four beautiful children. Before my first born, I was a hair dresser. I obtain my certification at Richard’s Beauty College in Regina, Saskatchewan, and worked in Lloydminster part time. Then later, I decided to change careers. I attendant Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) for two years and received my diploma in First Nations Child and Youth Care. Which where I started working with Onion Lake Education as a child care worker, then transferred in a school setting as a teacher aide. Years later and much consideration, I decided to attendant University of Saskatchewan and enrolled in Education. Four years later, I achieved my degree in education (B.ED). The year 2013 was my first professional job as a grade one teacher at Pewasenakwan Primary School for three years. I was then transferred as Cree Instructor for grade 2 and 3 at the same school. In 2020, a job was posted that interest me and decided to apply. During the summer holidays, I received the call. I was happy to hear I got the job. Today, I work at Ka-mikowisiya Kitowin (The Gift of Language) as Cree Developer. My job description consist of developing resources for the Cree Immersion School (Kihew Wasciston), finding resources to meet their curriculum with Indigenous contents, attending Land Base Camps, and assisting Cree Immersion Teachers with basic technology. In the positive note, work hard, push yourself, stay consistent, be patient, never give up.          

Rosanne Laliberte: Send Email

I work in Curriculum Development. Throughout the past year I have had several assignments. have completed the unit plans for the Grade 4 modules. I have worked on the Common Year Plan for Grade 7: Progression of OLCN Life Then and Now for grade 7 Cree Classes. Grade 7 September: All About Me of Nehiyaw Istawina (Circle Outcomes from the Medicine Wheel). Scope and Sequence for O-taskanesiwin (grade 1 and 2). Mini Units for Brian MacDonald's Songs. All sources developed coincide with : OLCN Language Retention Outcomes Nehiyaw Istowina (Medicine Wheel Outcomes) Otaskanesiwin (Treaty, language, tradition) Sask Curriculum Outcomes

Rhonda Lewis: Send Email

Historical researcher- Tansi, my name is Rhonda Lewis. I work as a Historical researcher for the Onion Lake Gift of Language. I have a 4 year Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Archaeolgoy through the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. I have been employed with the Onion Lake Gift of Language for a year and a half and my main duties pertain to researching, documenting and transcribing Onion Lake's history. Our history includes photographs, past and present elder interviewed recordings, geneologies and artifacts. My main purpose is to archive and create a central database for our members to enjoy,my hope is to continue to bring more of Onion Lake's history alive in the form of a museum so our elders and youth know that we are rich in culture. To take pride in being a member of Onion Lake Cree Nation. Ay hiy.

Samantha Montana: Send email  

Tansi my name is Samantha Montana, I work with the Gift of Language as a Research Developer since August 2018, I take in all the orders, answer the calls, and i am currently rendering and refurbishing the old story books that were made in 2004. I started working for the Gift of Language in 2011 for 1 year, after i worked the 1 year i decided to go back to school, recived my Office Administration at Reeves College, than received my Digital Illustration and Comic Art at NAIT in 2020. I love working with the Gift of Language, Learning how to read and write is a really important part of our Language, and also understanding what our people are speaking about while listening to them talk is a big gift to me.   

Mick Lang: Send Email 

Multimedia- Ive been with the Gift of Language for 1 year. I do the art work for posters, cree books, book animations, and curriculum through Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and creating the Gift of Language website and went to NAIT for Digital Illustration and Comic Art.