Lockdown Procedures

To Parents,

Welcome to another year of school. I hope all is well, and I am sure the summer break received well.

Reminder to all parents: early in the school year, we had an emergency lockdown procedure and activated safety protocols. As concerned parents, we understand that you may have concerns. Our schools follow safety protocols for student safety should any emergencies arise. For your information, we do have some information we can share with you at this time.

After consultation with RCMP, Lockdown Safety Protocols in the schools are:

1) The school’s entryways will be locked to ensure student’s safety;
2) For the parent, student and public’s safety, please refrain from entering schools;
3) Please, do not pick up your child during lockdown;
4) The school phone lines must be accessible for minor or major emergencies.
Parents are to avoid calling schools during lockdown situations to avoid confusion;
5) Avoid using social media during time of emergency;
6) Avoid listening to social media information during times of emergency as it will not be accurate;

All lockdown procedures have been carefully planned and instructed by local RCMP detachment. Attached Below is a Cheat Sheet.

We exercise all lockdown procedures with safety protocols in place.

*** When a lockdown lifts, contact the Principals for further information.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the undersigned at 306-344-2525.

Respectfully yours,

Lazarus Masson
Onion Lake Education
Human Resources